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Will Malick be able to conquer Penda’s heart? Maze (10), by N47

23 February 2021, N47

A man who wants to conquer a woman takes all the time he needs, it can last for months, years if necessary.

In his seventies, he was a veteran. His nickname came to him from the fact that he was the first in his district to leave France as a rifleman during the Second World War. He was very, very strong even for an old man of his age, strong biceps and well-shaped abs. He was feared and respected by everyone not only for his boundless courage but also for his mystical powers. Indeed, he was a great “Marabout” and many personalities requested his services but he refused bewitchments and sacrifices. Retired for years, he had a field where he was gardening. As at that time I was unemployed, I spent the morning with him in his field and we talked over tea. Everyone should have someone like him in their life; it helps to know yesterday, to understand the present and to better understand the future. It was a struggle at the time and when I told him: “Pa Laye, pray for me. Times are tough.”

He answered me: “You young people your biggest problem is impatience. Do you think everything has to happen when you want it and God's place in it? My child, understand that all that you will have to have in life, that the good Lord give it to you by droplet because what each being must have here below has been quantified and when you will have obtained everything well your mission would be accomplished and you would leave this world.

This is where I understood that Georges Gusdorf had it all wrong when he said that “man is commensurate with anything chosen.” In other words that everything that happened was the work of man. This is false! All that happens is the divine work; he knows what is best for each being.

As I was perplexed about Penda, I opened up to the old man explaining the situation to him and telling him that from the signs she had shown, she and I were alike in many ways but that I was afraid of making a mistake in my choice, which I doubted. Not for fear of suffering but for aligning failed relationships.

With a smirk he told me:

“You boys are nasty; you are always in a hunting position. But pay close attention to the signs because this is the language of God, it is through them he speaks to us. However, the man is so preoccupied with the affairs of this world that he does not arrive at the interceptor, but everything that happens has manifested before. Do you know the prophet Souleymane?

Me: No,

Pa Laye: He was the king of animals and “Jinns” (Devils). One day her son fell seriously ill. Very worried he summoned the wise men of the Jinn and asked them if they wanted to cure him. Alas none of the present could do it but one of the “Jinn” said that he knew a comrade who lives in a very distant city whose extent of powers could certainly relieve the little one. So Souleymane asks them to go get him and report all his deeds and gestures along the journey. Once back with the famous Jinn, they reported to Souleymane that on our arrival we found him waiting for us. How did he know that we were arriving? And the reason for our trip we do not know. But throughout the trip he did not know, and he said nothing. However, he smiled twice: the first is when he saw two men sitting on the floor chatting. And the second is when we got to the house at the sight of a rooster running around and crying and showing displays. Souleymane let him in. He asked him why he was smiling in these two cases. He responded that the two men were sitting on a diamond mine and that a simple sweep of the hand of one of the two would be enough for the discovery and the rooster, which it belonged to Souleymane. The rooster was crying “kill me, eat me, and he will heal.” So they killed the rooster and gave it to the little one who got well on the spot. What are you afraid of? Why don't you want to open your heart? Why don't you want to drop the barriers? Don't answer me and ask yourself questions, you'll know what to do.

You see the signs are everywhere you just have to be careful. It's up to you to judge whether yours are important enough to make a decision or not.

I walked out of this talk completely “drunk” because at no point did he tell me to do this or that and at the same time he spun me, spinning so much that I didn't know what to take from his advice. I said to myself: “damn old people, they have these very strange ways of speaking. You really have to get used to hanging out with them to understand that a single word about them sums up all the talk they give you.” I've learned that the main thing is in the details.

When I got home I picked up my phone and sent Penda this text:

Me: What definition would you give to beauty?
Penda: Your question is very complicated, but I think it is rather relative.
Me: It's true there are relative beauties but there are others that are absolute. The relative one depends on tastes and the absolute one is a set of simplicities arranged in a harmonious way. I've rarely seen it and the last one was when I was in front of your pretty face. You are very beautiful Penda did you know that?
Penda (laughing): No this is the first time I hear this and it's nice, thank you.
Me: Humble on top of that, but it's for the weak. (It was to see his reaction).
Penda: Weak? No! Humility is the very sign of human greatness and self-confidence.

I was telling myself in my head even I couldn't have answered better. Good answer my dear.

Me: In short, it's not a matter of flirting but just saying what I think. There are certainly, but it is rare for me to come across a beauty as pure as yours and I wanted or even had the need to say it. Here it is now.
Penda: I do not know what to say to you but thank you anyway, I am not insensitive to this remark.
Me: tell me is there a chance that someday I'll look at your pretty face again.
Penda (laughs…): Certainly, but these days I'm preparing for exams and the revisions take up most of my time. We will have to be patient, call me back in a month.

Those who say animals don't think are wrong. Indeed, knowing that it cannot run behind game, the anaconda chooses a strategic location, a place where large animals come to drink like deer, gazelles, etc., and dive into the water. It can stay there for a month, waiting for the ideal prey. When he chooses the pray, the anaconda ambushes it, by suddenly emerging from the water and plants his fangs on the flesh of the prey; and in a fraction of a second the anaconda wraps itself around and choke the prey. With each heartbeat of the game, it tightens the noose until it constricts to death. Well this legendary patience is also found in men. A man who wants to conquer a woman takes all the time he needs, it can last for months, years if necessary.

Anyway, I said to myself, I want her, I have to to decide, I'm going for it.
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