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Will the age factor end the relationship between Penda and Malick? Maze (14), by N47

29 March 2021, N47

There are people who do not understand the scope of love. People who don't know that in the face of anything you want to love, the real one always wins out over the rest. It is enough that the subjects become aware of it and work for it.

Me: Ok as you want.
Penda: As you want? Han, is that your answer? You never loved me. I you did, you wouldn't let me go so easily.
Me: No the debate is not there, you did not even leave room for discussion; you make a decision hastily and you want me to do what. Listen, let's calm down and do three things okay.
Penda: Ok.
Me: First calm down, stop crying you're hurting me too. I wait

She stopped,

Me: There you go thank you you're an angel. Second take a cab and come join me please because the importance of this discussion cannot be over the phone and I need to see you.

Half an hour later she was there with a cloudy face.

Me: You saw how you darkened that lovely pretty face, no more tears now. Third, I love you and more than anything in the world. I won't let you go; you know you won't get rid of me so easily let alone for trivia. Know that age doesn't matter because one thing is for sure, I chose you. Our love is far beyond this age factor. This should bother me but as you can see I really don't care because the heart is king and I prefer to listen to it. Be 15 years older than me, I don't care, if I love you I will stay with you and that is what will be.

She was relieved, certainly taken aback by this discovery but relieved. For a while we changed the discussion and I still managed to make her laugh a little. She was lying on my chest and for a moment I felt a very hot little drop slip from my chest to my loins. I lift my head a little and catch her crying silently.

Me: Baby what is it?
Penda: I'm scared, understand me. You know the age difference for a while will be a problem, I will age faster than you and at a certain point you will want youthfulness. I'm afraid! I'm really scared.

His fears were legitimate and well-founded, I knew that.

Me: look at me! Take a good look at me! I know that promises these days are worthless but I swear to you on the sacredness of the Lord, what if I have no wife in my life but you. I have no way to prove it to you. Sadly, I don't have the power to take you into the future and show you that I've kept my promise, but tell me you have faith in me, tell me you believe in me and it will be possible. Because I fear nothing except to disappoint. And when I feel like being young, I'll remember that once you gave me yours and that's why you don't have it anymore. So tell me that whatever obstacles, you will help me overcome them because without you I will not succeed, do not weaken my love. We said that our love is pure, our relationship is unique so let's prove it by having a spirit of surpassing and triumphing over fate. If you want my love it will be our secret to both and I promise to do you honor in front of the whole world. Look at me and tell me that you are with me.

Penda (with a sad voice): Okay but if you ever bring me another one, I'll poison you.
Me: (laugh) It's already better so you can dispose of me as you wish.

I made promises for sure, but this one and the circumstances are inked in my head because that was the day that I gave my whole person to her. I promised her that I would be a monogamous husband, that I would have only two goals in life from now on: to work hard to marry her and to ensure the development and growth of our little family. To love is to make sacrifices and a sacrifice is no longer a sacrifice if it is said to be. In my strong interior I took an oath to have only her in my life and prayed to God to make her strong to resist all kinds of temptation. To tell the truth I love her too, I had chosen her and like her I was afraid of losing her too.

There are people who do not understand the scope of love. People who don't know that in the face of anything you want to love, the real one always wins out over the rest. It is enough that the subjects become aware of it and work for it.

It was truly magical. Three years had passed after that. Our relationship was very stable, thank God. We had learned to live together, trying to avoid upsetting each other as best we could. She respected my principles and I respected hers. And we did not know any major argument endangering our relationship. In fact there was a little catch that often caused us to bicker. She was very careless when I was rigorous earlier, we consulted each other, we make a decision and we apply it, period. Delays, program changes, postponements weren't my thing in short. She did everything on a whim while I'm the type to think about an action plan and stick to it, no change. Before I go to bed I have a rough idea of what to do tomorrow and how long each activity should normally take me. However as the saying goes “we hate sins and our sinner.” In other words, the fact remains that I loved her madly as if she was the only woman on this earth.

We have chosen ourselves. I was certainly working, but my salary at that time was insufficient to ensure our well-being. We had chosen to do it before the end of that year. I had spoken about it with my mother and naturally she was somewhat skeptical of the advisability of this marriage but was supporting me after all. The good Lord had decided otherwise or at least for the moment because the marriage could not take place at the desired period. Indeed, not everything was in place at that time and my mother told me “that your wife understanding you and supporting you is a very good thing but that should not make you lazy and abuse it.” He friends and family expect her to have the minimum to marry her to someone.” Basically she was right and I followed her advice after consulting Penda.

As the good Lord always rewards steadfast believers, I end up having another contract with much better terms. We will be able to make our wish come true my beautiful and me in 3 or 4 months… Or at least, that was what I thought.
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