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How to save yourself from being a victim of infidelity?

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While you will never be completely safe (infidelity can destroy any relationship), there are clearly steps you can take to prevent cheating. These tips can decrease the chances that your partner cheats on you. They will also enrich your relationship by making it healthier.

Updated on October 11, 2020, Nene Hawa
How to save yourself from being a victim of infidelity?

The first thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should stay connected to each other. Be your partner's best friend. One of the recurring causes of infidelity is the lack of intimacy and complicity in the relationship. So, it's no surprise that infidelities often begin with a friendship. People always need complicity and if it does not come from their partner, they will look for it elsewhere. Don't let big changes in your life as a couple, like the birth of a baby or a layoff, break your connection.

You must always keep the communication link open. Communication is important for the survival of a relationship. You have to speak up and listen to the other. Don't jump to conclusions without listening till the end, and don't be critical or moody. Stay calm and tender. Share your feelings with each other. Many of the problems couples experience come from a communication problem.

If you need anything, ask nicely. If you are not happy about something, express it in the most loving way possible. Do not judge. If your partner feels uncomfortable with you when he or she wants to express something, communication will suffer a lot. Your partner will seek understanding and caring with someone else.

Another way to prevent infidelity is to stay sexually active. Many long-term relationships suffer in this area. By suffering we mean that the sexual relations are fading. Sex is often used as a tool of punishment. Women generally refuse a sexual relationship when they are angry about the smallest thing. This can only make matters worse.

The partners in a romantic relationship must remain sexually active if they are to keep the relationship vibrant and beneficial. Likewise, they need to be able to communicate about what they want to do and what not to do during sex. Partners need to work together to make everyone happy. Consistently denying sex to your partner will make them consider infidelity. Everyone likes to feel desirable and attractive.

It's a truth, we all need our egos to be flattered from time to time. This is why supporting the other is very important. If your partner wants to go back to school, support him. If your partner wants to embark on a major career change, support it. As long as the change is beneficial or neutral, give your support.

If the change is negative, or problematic, voice your thoughts and concerns as calmly and clearly as possible. You don't have to be directive and critical if you want to prevent infidelity. Always remember that it won't be difficult for your partner to find a secret friend who will be very attentive and very understanding.

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