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Saving your love relationship, what should you understand?

08 September 2021, Papa Dia
Saving your love relationship, what should you understand?

If you realize that your partner is becoming distant, stops having sex, that you are constantly in conflict and arguments follow one another or worse that he wants to take a break from you, tell yourself that you are not necessarily so at fault and all is not lost!

If your partner is talking about breaking up but you don't want to resign yourself to losing them then you can always try to fight to keep the loved one and follow these few tips.

You will have to try to question yourself a little about your actions, your character and your behavior:

If you were clingy enough with your companion, you will have to try to distance yourself a little, to leave him alone, to give him space, freedom so that he can breathe and no longer feel suffocated. You have to try to fight against your possessiveness because it is very unhealthy in any relationship.

Each keep a little corner of the garden secret, different hobbies and you will be even closer when you meet.

If, on the contrary, you were quite distant with your spouse, change things up and try to surprise him with simple little attentions, you have to remain "authentic" or your efforts will quickly be in vain. Do not overdo it but play the surprise!

You were quite lazy in your relationship, so you will have to change that side too, not to let go, take care of yourself, your physique and your appearance in order to continue to please your partner, surprise him and make him want to watch you.

You weren't in osmosis on the sexual level, try to find a balance at this level because sex is one of the glue of the couple; it is one of the things that matter most in the relationship. You can try to consult specialists in order to discover yourself and then test new things with your spouse; this will help you to get closer because everyone will know their personal needs.

Try to take the time to talk, to listen to your spouse. Your listening and understanding are very important for the other to feel safe with you and have confidence. Avoid absurd conflicts when a good discussion can solve everything!
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