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There is a better way to express your love, here is how and when!

24 July 2021, Anta
There is a better way to express your love, here is how and when!

How and when to tell a woman that you love her?

Expressing your love is a step forward, and there is not going back once it’s done. We have to live with it. Nothing will be the same with this person anymore, as well make sure that it can be reciprocated! And for starters, ask your self is this person free? If so, it is so much the better, otherwise it is better to forget about expressing your love and move on: the person cannot meet your expectations and it would hurt you to persist in maintaining this feeling.

But how to express your love?

First, take your time, don't rush your declaration of love. Remember, a relationship grows over time. Start by getting to know this person better: what are their tastes? Their opinions?… Make yourself known as well, but do not add any, you must remain yourself, because it is you that this person must learn to love , not an image. If you play the game of masks and facades and the person finds out, you will pass for a liar in their eyes and you won't stand a chance.

If this person is a friend or someone you know, there may be a lot of things you don't know about them. Listen to her, take an interest in her. Approach her by showing interest. Is she sensitive to your more marked interest? Does she enjoy it?

Warning: do not take your desires for reality! If it doesn't develop more intimacy between you, it may be that she sees you as a friend and nothing but a friend. Do not insist, we do not force love and this person should not feel harassed! Your declaration of love is useless, keep your friend rather than lose everything.

If you decide to express your love, when should you do it?

Is greater intimacy developing? Does she get closer to you, she takes the first steps, tries to talk to you one-on-one and obviously enjoys it? Now is the time to try, give yourself a chance! Does she like romantic dinners? Invite her. Is she frank and direct? Be it too, or at least give it a try! Whether you stammer or blush doesn't matter, the person may find it charming to the point where you both are! Then, finally let your heart speak...

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