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What do seduced women do?

13 October 2021, Houssam Ankili
What do seduced women do?

Verbal language and body language don't always mix. A study carried out by Ivorian students confirms this hypothesis. We now know what Ivorian women do when they find a charming man in a situation of weakness and desire.

Who has not regretted an opportunity in or to seduce a girl. Who wouldn't like to know what their suitor thinks when approaching them?

It is often said that men are all the same. A study made by students of the prestigious Ivorian university, Félix Houphouet Boigny, does not denounce these statements but reveals characters that should in common among almost all Ivorian women. Ladies, smile, you are unmasked. No more "I love you, me neither", just observe the behavior of the body to understand whether or not you like it. The gos (women in Ivorian jargon, Editor's note) systematically make the same gesture when a man makes them want. A gesture as simple as it is obvious. And secrecy concerns 98% of the women questioned. To tell you that the probability is high.

Keep an eye out and put it to good use. When they are in front of a man they like, the gos cross their legs and rub their toes. A reflex "without any nerve impulse in the brain controlling it", says the study. Although the discovery seems unusual, it would be of great use to men, but also to women. You are therefore served. To consume with moderation.
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