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Why do these women scare men away?

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She does everything on her own. She never asks her partner for help. The latter feels useless in his life and tries to make himself useful elsewhere.

Updated on October 27, 2020, Seytoo
Why do these women scare men away?

In a relationship, women often would like to change their man. They think that over time, he will improve. But men also have types of women that they get to know and get away from while they can!

The emotional . Tears don't appeal to men. Crying every now and then for an argument or a sad movie doesn't bother the loudspeaker. On the other hand, crying all the time, and sometimes for no reason, can scare him.

The logger. Wedge him between two dates; eat quickly in his company before heading off to a meeting ... At first, he is happy: he can see his friends, do his sport and watch whatever he wants on television. Afterwards, he gets bored and can go elsewhere to see if a more present girl is ready to open her arms to him.

The aggressive. She screams for any sock that has fallen beside the bed. Delays? They are greeted with screams as the men walk through the door. Therefore, they prefer to reduce the time spent at home: what is the point of being there if it is to constantly be yelled at. Especially after a hard day at work

The independent. She does everything on her own. She never asks her partner for help. The latter feels useless in his life and tries to make himself useful elsewhere.

The whiner. “I find myself too fat and ugly today” is the daily speech of the whiner. Sometimes punctuated with “Pff! I'm sick of the job.” In short, she never stops complaining. As soon as she opens her mouth, he knows he will have to reassure her. At the risk of being repackaged himself: “you find me too big, too, and you don't dare tell me! Admit!” Uh, where's the exit?

The dieter. “I can't go out: do you know how many calories are in a mojito? Anyway, I have to go to the gym ...” Being careful of yourself is important. Being constantly forced to depend on regimes and a strict line while preventing from indulging herself, it makes him want to take the tangent.

The bitter stepdaughter. Thinking badly about your mother, as long as you don't say it too loudly and too often, that's fine with him. From the moment you break the sugar on your progenitor, it may hurt...

The gossiper. He hears her all day long gossiping about her colleague or her so-called friends. At first, her cynicism and critical sense make him laugh. Afterwards, he becomes annoying. She constantly talks badly to him about someone he doesn't know. A man cannot understand why women spend hours criticizing and gossiping about others...

The superficial. All that matters to her is what she looks like. Beautiful jewelry, beautiful friends, looks to attract ... She makes herself beautiful, yes. For him but especially for all the others, even if she does not give a damn about knowing what his partner really likes!

The tomboy. A woman who thinks about her pleasure, acts as she sees fit, enjoys sports and doesn't give a damn about the eyes of others. That has its little charm at the beginning. Very quickly, he calls for a little femininity. And, sometimes, things go wrong with the person concerned who prefers to continue as she sees fit.

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