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Amadou, Amadou (7): Crazy in love..., by Ladyba

12 August 2020, Ladyba

She leaned down and kissed him. He didn't push her away, he still wanted to because he knew it was wrong but it was so good.

They arrived at home, “Gueule Tapé” where Amadou and Demba shared a room. Amadou was lying on the mattress and thinking about Binta, he missed her so much despite all the efforts he made not to think about her. He heard the door open and thought it was Demba coming back from work; he was surprised to hear this voice:

Binta: Darling, how are you?
Amadou: Binta, binta? What are you doing here? (He said to her, getting up…)
Binta: For days I haven't seen you, so I asked your friend Demba, you told me one day that you were living together and I convinced him to bring me to see you.
Amadou: Oh Binta… You are going to bring me problems and I have had so many in my life.
Binta: But why? I did nothing wrong
Amadou: Since when does a girl like you worry about the illness of the guy who parks her and washes his car?
Binta: But you're more than that Amadou, you're my friend too. I like you.
Amadou: Yes precisely that is the problem.
Binta: But ...
Amadou: Binta, have you seen where I live? See, you don't even have where to sit. And how did you manage with your pretty shoes to cross the water which is in front of the house? Look at your pants even got dirty. Isn't there something wrong?
Binta: No, that doesn't bother me.
Amadou: But it does bother me. I have told you several times to stop giving me gifts but I don't even know why I can't refuse them every time. I also told you that we should stop chatting for too long. Everyone talks about it. But you did as you like, so I decided to distance myself and now you found me at home. Noooo Binta…
Binta: Amadou, I feel good when I am with you and I missed you these last days.
Amadou: Pffff Binta no, no, please don't tell me that I'm begging you.
Binta: Amadou I love you it's stronger than me I tried to fight it. But for months you have been an integral part of my life.
Amadou: You are 26 years old, you are old enough to get married and I am also 27 years old. So we don't have time to play and we both know that this relationship will come to nothing.
Binta: I love you Amadou, I'm crazy about you. I think about you all the time, I love to talk to you I love to be with you.
Amadou: Oh my God… Binta don't do that to me please…
Binta: I love you, I did nothing wrong.

She leaned down and kissed him. He didn't push her away, he still wanted to because he knew it was wrong but it was so good.

Amadou: I love you too and damn it you know it very well but we can't, we can't. Our living environments are diametrically opposed. Please...
Binta: But, it will be possible trust me...
Amadou: No, no Binta, no
Binta: Why are you rejecting me? Am I not beautiful enough?
Amadou: You are sublime, you are very, very, beautiful. But I am not good enough for you.
Binta: Ok I'll leave you then since you don't want me.
Amadou: Oh my God… don't look at me with that sad look, please...
Binta: Ok I'm going.

She got up and left without even a last glance, he did not follow her. It was not done, but Amadou had to be firm with her it was for her own good.

As soon as he left, Demba entered the room

Demba: Hey… how was it, lover?
Amadou: Dude, you messed up. Why did you bring her here?
Demba: Have you seen this girl? She's stubborn when she wants something and then she has a way of asking things, I assure you I couldn't say no to her. Looool…
Amadou: Oh my God… I have a problem...
Demba: A big one! LOL!
Amadou: No Binta... She's too good. She has a heart of gold but I'm sure she will suffer in our relationship, if there is one.
Demba: Especially since she seems to be crazy about you.
Amadou: I know, I know, precisely, she will be disappointed…
Demba: And, what about you? You love her even if you refuse to admit it.
Amadou: Of course I love her, but we both know that love alone is not enough.
Demba: Ah… But people say that true and sincere love always succeeds and will win...
Amadou: Yes in movies and novels… But in real life, no. The point is that I love her too much and I'm even afraid of how I feel.
Demba: So, in that case, what’s the big deal?
Amadu: Demba, do you ask me where is the problem? Demba are you asking me that? Demba you who know that I got nothing, I even don’t have enough to buy sugar for my coffee in the morning. It's difficult. Dude, leave me alone, don’t poke me. I hope now that she saw where I live she will give up.
Demba: Give up? I don’t think so. The girl I saw will never give up. But, it is not a big deal, a little happiness will not hurt you. Besides, you don't have to marry her, anyway. And also, she is really hot.
Amadou: No, no Demba… This girl if I go out with her it will be to marry her. I can't and I don't want to play with her. I don't know why. I don't want to play with her or her feelings.

The night was difficult for both of them and Amadou was hoping she would leave him alone now. What a beautiful rich executive girl would like from a washer who lives in a 9 square meter room in an old house? He fell asleep, telling himself that he had worried for nothing and that Binta was going to drop the matter.

But Binta had returned the next afternoon with plenty of medicine and she had also bought some food. She found him in his room still bedridden. He just had a little flu and stayed in bed more out of sadness than sickness

Binta: Baby how are you? I took my afternoon off, I could not work knowing that you were sick. (She said, entering directly into the room after knocking twice…)
Amadou looked at her surprised: no nooooo Binta, you're stubborn.
Binta: Hey, stop talking. Look I bought you something to eat, I am sure you did not eat.

Amadou sat down on his mattress and leaned on the wall of his room, he took his head in his hands.

Amadou: Binta, please I beg you...
Binta: I'm not doing anything serious; I just came to visit a friend.
Amadou: Even friends we can't be, Binta you and I are different.
Binta: Amadou, to God we are the same. That's what matters to me. I don’t care what people may say.
Amadou looked at her: Do you want us to go out together?
Binta: No I want more than that, I want you to be my husband.
Amadou: Binta if I marry you, am I going to make you enter this room? In this house? In this neighbourhood?
Binta: And why not? Look, today I put on my old sneakers and walked through the stagnant water. Yesterday I was just surprised.
Amadou: Um, um... and where is your car?
Binta: I parked it a little further away; please stop thinking I know you love me and I also know you are a great guy.
Amadou: But ..
Binta: No but... Please don't reject me, I never loved someone like I love you, I always think of you. It is no coincidence that our meeting was our destiny. Do you no longer believe in God?
Amadou: Of course I believe in Him.
Binta: So let it happen, we're not doing anything wrong. We are just two young people who love each other.
Amadou: Ok, ok... anyway you manage to always have what you want, you are too stubborn but first I have to tell you all my life and only after that you will tell me with sincerity if you still want me.
Binta: There you go, wait for your medicine first and we'll eat, I too am hungry. I missed you to the point that I haven't even eaten since last night.
Amadou: Loool ok thank you.

They ate their lunch, then Amadou began to tell him about his life or at least just part of his life ...
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