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How to get rid of your big belly?

Updated on February 19, 2021, Seytoo
How to get rid of your big belly?

In short, if you follow all these precepts well, in addition to having a nice belly, you will be in great shape and with a body of a liana.

The belly is the center of everything, of our body of course, but also of our balance. A bloated stomach, an unsightly bulge, and self-confidence evaporate.

First of all, you should realize that most of the time the volume of the belly is due to the air inside and not to the fat. This is why, by rebalancing our lifestyle, it is easy to find a serene and beautiful belly.

A little good will and perseverance in the effort will quickly pay off with convincing results. Soft drinks are therefore eliminated because for once the problem is not the sugar, but the gas contained in these liquids. No more sodas, but also sparkling waters.

Try to drink plenty of herbal tea, especially fennel, anise and mint tea. These plants promote digestion and carry fat in their wake, which prevents them from becoming embedded in the tissues.

You can also consume basil in its pure state or as an essential oil at the rate of one drop of the product in a spoon of olive oil. The latter regulates disorders related to digestion.

The crucial point is to vary your diet. We cannot repeat it enough: eat everything! However, we must try to avoid foods that could cause fermentation and therefore the creation of carbon dioxide responsible for bloating.

It is thus judicious to replace the bread by rusks, because the bread, rich in starch, tends to make the belly “swell.”

The same goes for raw vegetables and fruits that ferment in the stomach and therefore produce a lot of air. Prefer homemade compotes, cooked fruits and vegetables.

You don't need to remove them completely, but if you're very bloated, it's best to reduce the amounts.

Sugar should be avoided, because sugar gives starch and starch turns into carbon dioxide. Do not re-salt your food and avoid ready-made meals, as they are often saturated with salt.

Salt traps water in tissue and can cause dimpling and orange peel. The belly is where stress takes over, meaning that if you eat stressed or in a hurry, your digestion will not be good and bloating will come automatically.

The meal must be at all costs a moment of relaxation and calm, avoid conflicts and the TV at this time. Chew slowly and realize that you are doing good to your body, listen to it and don't 'stuff your stomach'. Satiety does not kick in until 20 minutes later.

Above all, try not to snack between meals. Pasta, rice, slow sugars must be cooked sufficiently so that the starch dissolves as much as possible during cooking. And to complete your good eating habits, you get into sport. A sport that gently relaxes and muscles: body balance is a mix between yoga and tai chi, it's fun and effective, so why go without?

In short, if you follow all these precepts well, in addition to having a nice belly, you will be in great shape and with a body of a liana.

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