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“A teacher bewitched and raped me while I was married.”

14 October 2021, Anonymous
“A teacher bewitched and raped me while I was married.”

“My name is D. Diaby. I am a student living in Samécouta Dantilla. I am the wife of Saiba Danfakha. My husband lives in Dakar for the needs of his work. Our wedding was celebrated in Samécouta Dantilla, in the Kédougou region. It was on the eve of Korite that my husband possessed me for the first time. I was a virgin. As he rarely comes to the village, our last sexual intercourse dates back a long time.”

“Currently, I am pregnant with the works of the named Bangaly Camara, a teacher. I got to know him during the Easter holidays, when I was at home in Samécouta. He came to declare his love to me, which I refused. As I attended Middle School in Saraya, he persisted in coming to Saraya on weekends. I was staying with Ngoundo Diaby. It is because of his harassment that my husband asked for my transfer to the CEM in Nafadji. But Bangaly has not stopped following me. He cornered me and one day he said that if I didn't agree to have sex with him, I would never have children.

Sometime later, I understood that he bewitched me. I finally, I do not know how, acceded to his request. Without loving him, I started dating him. We had our first sexual intercourse in Ansoumane Camara's house. Moreover, that day, the named Diouma Kallé Kanouté surprised us at Samécouta Dantilla. It was March 13, around 2 p.m. On March 11, Aly Coura Danfakha, my husband's brother, surprised us having sex in Bangaly's accommodation, at Nafadji school. My submission to all of Bangaly's desires is no accident. He bewitched me.

He had my phone number and could reach me at any time. Despite the prohibitions of my parents and my husband, I could not refuse him anything. He made me do what he wanted. I had to give up my studies to get out of the clutches of Bangaly Camara. He did things to me that I could never relate. I followed him around like a sheep, without thinking. I still love my husband Saiba Danfakha, he and my parents have to help me. I could never get by on my own. I cannot count the number of times I had sex with Bangaly. He ended up impregnating me.

The first time I went to the Saraya health district for consultation, I was told that I was two and a half months pregnant. I made the visit again on September 15th and currently I am 5 months pregnant. I want to stay with my husband, if he accepts. The teacher hurt me too much. It does not make sense that I accept his advances, knowing that I am in the bonds of marriage. It simply means that he did not use conventional weapons. (The teacher was finally arrested by the Kédougou police and sentenced to two years ...”
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