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Are all women “materialists”, “gold diggers?” Are Black women more materialistic than White women?

22 July 2021, Epicée
Are all women “materialists”, “gold diggers?” Are Black women more materialistic than White women?

So dear gentlemen, if you are ugly it is okay, if you are dumb it is okay, but if you have no money it is very bad! In their eyes, if you have nothing, you will be nothing.

It is an undeniable fact: for most men, women are materialists. Some women clearly assume it, others categorically deny it. Let's try to clarify this. To do this, it is important to define the perimeter of the subject before any substantive debate: What is meant by “materialist”?

One of the definitions used by the dictionary describes the materialist person as one oriented towards the search for material satisfaction. Hence, the materialistic woman refers to one who chooses her male partners based on their financial base. I am talking about financial strength as one who has the money and can be materially content and satisfy others at the same time.

However, another question arises, and this is where it starts to get interesting: Are all women materialists? To this question, I would answer after having distinguished three types of materialist women: the wealthy materialist, the broke materialist and the gunned materialist.

The wealthy materialist is the woman who, as the qualifier suggests, comes from a wealthy family or is simply wealthy. Basically, the girl was successful. Used to comfort, if not downright luxury, she knows neither lack nor need. Thus, she only hang out with those who resemble her. In other words, she is rich and only dates the rich. This materialism is not so much about expecting something from the other, but rather about preserving one's own financial security. Women who fall into this category do not want these "social cases" which will be like bullets and profiteers by their side. In general, this kind of materialism is less shocking because it is less visible, as society is used to the rich seeing each other.

The broke materialist is the woman who is of modest social status. Some are students, others left school early on. Some are unemployed, others are making a living on social assistance. Those who work generally occupy jobs where wages flirt with the legal minimum: sales clerk, cashier, nursing assistant… They often have difficulty making ends meet. Unlike the affluent materialist who only seeks those who are like her, the broke materialist seeks everything except those who are like her. Thus, it is she who will want to go out only with a frame, whereas even in a dream she has no chance of being a frame. She's the one who wants a guy who has a car, too, when she doesn't even have a driver's license. In short, she is the one who will want a man who already has a situation, while she herself is still looking for herself.

The materialist “gunned down” is the supreme stage of the vice. You only greet her with the car horn. She is aware of her beauty, which is why she decided to make it her business. She adores the “good life”: wearing the brand, dining at the most expensive restaurants, sleeping in a 5-star hotel. Basically, it’s the girl who imposes a financial drain on her suitors. She herself is not rich, without being poor, but she loves the one who gives her gifts and pays her trips, if you are not able, you get out! The gunshot materialist is a sort of bird of prey in search of prey to satisfy her venal whims. Very often she is maintained by several suitors at the same time. In other words, she is dating several men at once, as long as they have the money!

Thus, by virtue of her social status (wealthy or modest), the woman will most often position herself in one or the other above-mentioned schema, it is therefore permissible to say that women are materialists in their overwhelming majority. Eh yes! I say it and shout it loud and clear: women are indeed materialists! Whether they admit it or not. Just as it is rewarding for a man to date a beautiful woman, it is just as rewarding for a woman to tell her girlfriends that she is dating an accountant rather than a mason. As true as men are sex-driven, it is also true that women have a chromosomal love for money. This is why I used to say that a man shouldn't run behind women, he should run behind money, and so women will run after him.

Beyond the compartmentalization between wealthy, broke and gunned down, another distinction will be imposed on the analysis, this time from a racial point of view. Clearly, it's a bit of a question of whether a black woman and a white woman can be accommodated in the same boat when it comes to materialism.

The point is, black women (African and Caribbean) have a dirty reputation for being materialist, but when I say materialist here it is in the broke or gunned sense of the word. Popular expressions such as "Fatou Flingués", "Fatou mauchée" say a lot ... Is this fame founded or not? To answer it, I'll start by talking about a white woman. Then you will understand why.

Indeed, even without seeing her, one would know that Ségolène Royal is not black. Why ? Because if Ségolène Royal had been African, be sure, she would never have dropped François Hollande, or she would have come back to him. Indeed, for a black woman, especially an African woman, you cannot leave what you have without being sure of what you will have. So, if Ségolène Royal was African, there is no doubt that she would have stayed with François Hollande even if she no longer had feelings for him. In this way, she could have enjoyed all the honours, advantages and privileges inherent in the prestigious status of first lady, for lack of having herself been able to be president of the republic.

Some would say that François Hollande cheated on her and that it was therefore good that she left him. Without a doubt! But black women will tell you that you don't leave a man (and not just any man) just because of infidelity. In 2007, it was Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz (formerly known as Cécilia Sarkozy) who dropped Nicolas Sarkozy even after the latter had just entered the Élysée Palace. In August 2012, it was Anne Sinclair who fired Domnique Strauss-Kahn, the former Managing Director of the IMF. Other high-ranking politicians have also suffered the sentimental dismissal such as Alain Juppé, Lionel Jospin and Dominique de Villepin, all three former prime ministers divorced from their ex-wives.

But in Africa, when you hang out in circles of money and power, there are two things that are out of the ordinary: quitting and getting a divorce. That’s why there, women who dump rich and powerful men are as rare as water in a desert. It is true that we had the couple Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela who separated in 1992 after 38 years of marriage, but hey, we will say that at that time Nelson Mandela was not yet president of the republic… In the tropics, the wives of apparatchiks never divorce! And in this part of the world where polygamy is very widespread, we have seen sisters, who are more twins, marrying the same man. This was the case of the former president of Zaire, Marshal Joseph Désiré Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Gbendu Wazabanga who had married with Bobi Ladawa and Kosia Nzanga, twins! Rarely, if ever, will you hear of an African woman ditching her president or her husband minister. And even if there is a separation or divorce, it will almost always be at the initiative of the husband. However, behind the official window, many of these women of the rich and powerful live an unnamed cohabitation with a multitude of passing lovers and perpetual mistresses commonly called "second office". It just goes to show that even though we have become sentimentally detached from the man because of the humiliations he inflicts on us, we nonetheless remain clinging to his title and that is enough to make us stay with him.

So and you will understand, in addition to being big opportunists, black women are materialistic, very materialistic, so materialistic that for them, uninteresting love is simply inconceivable. It’s true as I said above, that women in general are materialists, whatever their color; but from my point of view, black women are more so than others. Unlike white, Arab, Hispanic or Asian women, what sets black women apart is the fact that they are mostly first-time broke. Many of them were born into poverty and hardship. But one or the other that you will meet and who will pretend not to belong to this voracious race, she will sometimes say to you "Ah nah, me, I'm not like that, my friends are not like that, blah blah "Pfff nonsense! This is all bullshit.

The truth is that many do not hesitate to go out and marry men they do not like the least in the world, and this simply because, in the minds of these profiteers without conscience, the beauty of a man is in his pocket. So dear gentlemen, if you are ugly it is okay, if you are dumb it is okay, but if you have no money it is very bad! In their eyes, if you have nothing, you will be nothing. On the other hand, if you have JCA, that is to say a Job, a Car, and an Apartment, you will have every chance to seduce your African beauty. But be careful, not just any job! Garbage collector, security guard, tile washer or parking attendant, they don't want it! Those there will row to please them. And even if they succeed, they will not often be terrible as a girl because the most beautiful go to the richest. But if you're a lawyer, engineer, or doctor, you won't have to worry anymore. As the wind blows on the coconut palm and knocks down the nuts, your title of "master" or "doctor" will have the same effect on these damsels. If you are struggling and you don't want to lie about your life to seduce them, it is better for you that you go to white people, because indeed, even a poor black person has more luck with a white woman. rather than with a black woman.

Also, dating a black girl is a bit like taking charge of her. So, expect her to expose her money issues to you, which you should respond to promptly if you want to keep her by your side. Also, expect her to ask you for money so that she can change her false hair. Restaurants, cinemas, cafes, it's always you who will pay. Finally, think of the essential accessories such as the Vuitton bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Chanel perfume, the latest mobile phone (The "aye phone 12" is not even out yet but she already wants it), above all, don't forget the credit which will be used to "beep" to thank you for reloading this phone...

For my part, if I can have a tolerance towards the attitude of a rich woman who only goes out with rich men like herself, that is to say the wealthy materialist, the fact remains that I will not be able to give any guarantee. moral to the endemic venality of these others (regardless of ethnicity) who only inspire me with pity. You will notice that more often than not, these are girls lost to death, mown at will, crevices without ambition or education, who are ready to sell their bodies to the highest bidder. Unable to take responsibility for themselves, and having never achieved food self-sufficiency, they can only be candidates for the charity of their suitors. Venal women with a fecal mentality, femme fatales with lethal greed, in love with the short cut and the easy, they only know how to beg instead of working. Pauvrillones for the most part, but they are the ones who allow themselves to have luxury tastes. Instead of running behind the cash cow, instead of spending their time shamelessly plucking and shamelessly pigeon fencing, why don't they take inspiration from women who respect themselves even in difficulty? Instead of living off the hook for men against whom they curiously claim equality, why don't they think of leaving the precariat and the assistantship to gain the independence that will allow them to better justify their arrogance? Why don't they do studies like Mame Ramatoulaye Yade (Rama Yade) or Audrey Pulvar? Why do they not aim for professions other than these jobs as laborers in which they are over-represented (hairdressing, cleaning, babysitting)?

Obviously and very fortunately, all women are not like that, but hey ... many will recognize themselves in this description ...

So ladies, what kind of materialist are you?

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