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“As a successful Black man, why only date white women?”

28 July 2021, SoChokolate
“As a successful Black man, why only date white women?”

“In short, I'm just fed up with the mentality of black women. They are taken heads. They'll call it 'being frank' or 'saying what they think'. I say they like confusion.”

Context: Seytoo respects everyone’s opinion. This is 100% the opinion of a Black American, and the life context may be different in Africa, where Seytoo is based. Seytoo is proudly 100% African and respect everyone’s opinion as far as it does not go against our standards.

“I am a successful Black man. I have a career and I am financially stable.

I only date white women, only, or rather “non-black.” I have dated Hispanics, Asians and here I am in a serious relationship with a white woman. I don't know if the relationship will last, I just know that I will NEVER date Blacks.

I guess I'm what you call a sold. Barely 3 years ago, I was also one of the people who called those who only date white women sellers. In fact, I got tired of black women and their behavior. And when black people dating white people say that they are avoiding headaches, I totally understand.

Women who can't disagree quietly, “but who she thinks she is” or “I'm gonna fuck her.” I am tired of the mentality of black women. I'm sick of every little thing always ending up in a big argument. I'm sick of taking a sister to a restaurant and if the food isn’t prepared properly, seeing her mess with the waiter.

I'm tired of “you can't put your fingers in my hair… you'll ruin everything.” I'm tired of trying to plan for the future financially with a woman who only thinks of one thing: going banging in the stores as soon as she gets her payroll.

I'm tired of the sisters who never have time to go to the sport arena but never miss an appointment at the hairdresser or to get their nails done, those who never have time to read a decent book but who buy all the magazines… I'm tired of planning sex adventures and hearing “uh no I'm not doing that, is it okay or what.”

I am tired of their attitude, always on the defensive. I'm tired of women who won't let a man be a man, who want to make all the decisions and then call the weak man if he lets her do nothing.

And then I hear you say "I'm sure he only dates white women that even white men don't want." And no! I only date Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Williams face. I have high standards. I only date women who are totally comfortable in two-piece bikinis, who know the difference between Modernism, post-impressionism and contemporary art.

I was having dinner with my girlfriend and the waiter accidentally poured wine on her top. Did she get upset? No. Did she make a scandal? No. She quietly tried to remove the stain and as it didn't go away, she politely went to the manager, explaining that it was an accident, but just that her top was costing $300 and that she wanted the dyer to be at the expense of the restaurant. She also asked that the waiter not be punished. A black woman instead would have been aggressive and boisterous. Moreover, a little further there was a table with black women who witnessed the scene. You could hear them say “I would be pissed off,” “he would have paid me back on the spot,” “I would have said the jacket cost more.” I'm so glad I'm not dating black people anymore.

In short, I'm just fed up with the mentality of black women. They are taken heads. They'll call it 'being frank' or 'saying what they think'. I say they like confusion.

Speaking of which, the other time, at the restaurant with my girlfriend, a group of black women walk past us. They look my girlfriend up and down before looking at each other with disgust. They sit further away and speak loudly so that we can hear them saying “sold out,” “weak renown,”etc. Then they add “she must surely swallow,” “he surely has a little penis,” “daring…,”etc.

To me, black women who have a problem with black men who only date white women have a complex that they try to hide by attacking the black man.

I only date white women. I used to date black people, but I got tired of wasting my gentlemanly qualities on women who don't like them, and who don't deserve them.

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