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Don’t be one of those annoying vain guys who think that they are better than anyone in the world!

Updated on March 05, 2021, Seytoo
Don’t be one of those annoying vain guys who think that they are better than anyone in the world!

If you feel like you are conceited, remember that there will always be someone to outdo you in any area, even in stupidity.

“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” With this sentence, the ecclesiast insisted on the vanity of men and their thoughts. Vanity is pride in something that is not worth it. Pride is already a distorted view in the sense of importance, of something less. Vanity is therefore the superlative of pride. The conceited is he who prides himself on where he is not; he is the one who thinks he finds nobility in baseness.

The conceited is always proud: Proud of what he does and what he does not do; of what he does good and what he does badly. He is the epitome of pride, the one who does not receive a lesson, who has nothing to learn from anyone because he already knows everything. The conceited person likes to think he is the strongest and only respects himself. Introduce him to someone of worth and he will train him on his own ground to challenge and defeat him. He is not measured by the strength of the other but by his weaknesses because he only ever ventures into conquered territory. It doesn't matter that his opponent does not have the same skill set, that one is strong where the other is weak, what matters to him is winning. But there is no glory in it.

The conceited man always imposes himself by his knowledge; he has an opinion on everything and rarely is content to listen. He likes to know wines, not because they are good or because they go better with a particular dish, but because no one knows them except him. He likes to be recognized by the boss, or more modestly the waiter of the large restaurant where he takes you, a sign that he is a connoisseur and recognized as such. He will tell you about the author that no one has read and his genius. He is always right and when he is wrong it is because he has been misled.

In the game, the conceited will reveal to you his true nature; his shenanigans will form the basis of his arrogance. He only plays to win, so when he happens to lose he will harbor resentment against the one who defeated him and demand revenge. It would be an honorable gesture if he was motivated by a fight that was too short, but he is only driven by the desire to retreat with a victory. He will refuse to admit defeat, and that includes the draw. If you offer him to step down honorably, he will negotiate miserably as if he were to close the sale of a carpet, as if he could still dictate his terms. The worst part is that he is so convinced of his strength that he still believes himself in a position to do so.

All his childhood, his parents congratulated him without ever urging him to do better. No doubt they are also vain and they convince themselves to be the best, like having made the most beautiful offspring. This is how the conceited will develop a taste for flattery, which feeds an oversized ego. He's like a balloon that inflates to the limit, but pokes it where it doesn't expect it and it bursts. Whenever he is defeated, he crumbles into tears and he will learn to give up any fights he cannot win with complete certainty.

The vain man is an unhappy man who lives only on lies and illusions, a loser disguised as a conqueror, a prostitute to fame. He will do anything to win a medal, to sell his friends and family. There are times when he fascinates, and that is what he wants, but he is only interested in weak beings who glorify him while he despises them for their weakness. He likes to be strong to gain power over others, to convince himself that nothing can be done against him.

If you feel like you are conceited, remember that there will always be someone to outdo you in any area, even in stupidity. Know again that the real strength is not to crush the weakest, but to carry them. Know again that your strength is only relative because those who know they are stronger than you do not feel any interest in challenging you, not even for your education because you are not worthy of their lessons.

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