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From modeling to luxury prostitution: the hidden life of African models you should understand

Updated on February 22, 2021, Seytoo
From modeling to luxury prostitution: the hidden life of African models you should understand

“Some bosses use their status to pressure us and make these kinds of derogatory propositions to us: If you don't sleep with me, you don't march.”

Modeling is one of the most popular professions for young people today. But, this sector is more and more indexed as an environment where prostitution reigns. Promotion in work “through sex” has become common in Africa. From institutions to large corporations to different sectors of the economy, the picture is the same. The most exposed to this phenomenon, which has become almost normal, remain certain players in the fashion sector, models!

Originally, the fashion world was intended to be an environment combining creation, art, beauty, delicacy, care, style, etc., a magical, glamorous world. Naturally, the players in this sector adhere to this leitmotif. This is the reason why stylists, like models, are distinguished by the way they dress, look or even walk. You don't have to go to school to be a model. Moreover, there is no school capable of providing proper training in the field. You just need to have the right measurements; the required size and a specialized agency will provide you with the necessary support to be a good model. Unfair competition then comes into play. If it is not for mysticism, much use is made of seduction and sex to have a place and a treatment of choice. Everyone puts their own in it, men, women stylists as models, spectators as rich people...

Stylists and models.

The profession of a model is within everyone's reach because it offers several career prospects – of course, you have to be beautiful. From a simple mannequin one can reach the level of a high fashion mannequin. However, it doesn't look as easy as you think. In practice, there are rules of the game, which in many cases dominate the relationship between models and stylists and sometimes between models themselves. Thus, in order to be able to parade, the models do not hesitate to sleep with the stylists. They use all their charm, sensuality and glamour to seduce and make their target succumb. Often the opposite is true. These are the Stylists who demand to have sex with the models, so that they can be programmed during the parades. Aichatou, known by the pseudonym “Aida,” says: “Some bosses use their status to pressure us and make these kinds of derogatory propositions to us: If you don't sleep with me, you don't march.” Sometimes, even at the risk of infections. The right of cuissage is de facto in this environment. Even if the defendants show the opposite, explaining that they do not personally or individually choose the models. According to them, they use specialized agencies that are responsible for bringing the models under their couple Mina, another model makes the difference: “Not all stylists engage in these practices; there are some who are very professional, but it must be admitted, it does exist.”

Gurus and models.

It's important to say that models are really exposed to a lot of blackmail. High personalities or gray-haired people are also for something. Fashion shows are turning into a real sex market. Hidden in the crowd, the latter only attend to make choices on the various models who most often appear in daring outfits. There, the auction begins and often without the knowledge of the models. After the challenge, they approached and got the scent of what was going on during their performance. Some succumb to the large sums of money on offer, especially these lean times.

For those who resist, the gurus resort to blackmail. Khady, a former model, confirms: “It's common in this industry; the CEO of a large local company made me indecent proposals. He wanted to sleep with me without a condom in addition.” This to put its weight on the stylists for the choice of models who will parade for them the pressure is therefore put on the model or at worst on the stylist. Because it is important to specify which gurus are those. Even, who finance and sponsored the parades? In the face of all of these pressures, at a time when the job market is almost closed, abdication quickly happened. From male models to female models, the process is the same. And there, the promotion at work is so brilliant that no big fashion show can go without the model of choice.

The other life of models.

At social events, we often see models in the company of high profile or wealthy people. At first glance, it seems to be to point out the presence of the one they are accompanying and even more. That is to say, after the party, the companion serves as a spouse for the famous rental night… This is to round off the ends of the month. Also in the same vein, some models belong to a real luxury prostitution network run by pimps who always manage to find them rich clients. According to our sources, internationally renowned artists are the best clients. Indeed, if it is not the organizers of shows who offer them this “gift,” they are approached by the pimps. What could be more relaxing after a grueling concert! Models of degree or by constraint, therefore indulge in the profession they love, either to ensure their daily life. The parades are becoming less and less common. But, as we always say, there are those who fit into the system and those who don't.

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