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How do our gestures betray us?

27 July 2021, Seytoo
How do our gestures betray us?

If you scratch the left wing, it indicates that you are wondering if you are going to win in the rally or not.

Every day, we all adopt unconscious gestures, such as crossing our arms, scratching our foreheads or biting our lips. But, each of these gestures reveals our state of mind and our intentions. Here are some explanations to decipher your gestures but also that of others.

When you bite your lips in the presence of someone you like, it shows you are in a flirtatious relationship. You want to please and it's an unconscious way of getting noticed. Rather, in a professional context, it indicates that you made a mistake and are afraid someone will find out.

When you frame and hold your face with your hands, elbows on the table, it means that you are an intuitive, imaginative, and thoughtful person.

When you fold your arms, it indicates that you are easily influenced.

If you hold your elbows when crossing your arms, it shows that you don't like the difficulty.

If, in a professional context, you have your arms folded and you clench your fists that means you are hostile.
If you cross your arms while holding your biceps, it indicates that you need some protection.

Do you have shorter or longer hair and you throw it back? It shows an opportunistic, even narcissistic, side to your personality.

Do you run your fingers over the corners of your lips? This reveals that you are either stressed out or trying to trick the person in front of you.

When you twist the strands of your hair, it can indicate different things: either you are daydreaming, or you are bored, or (in a professional context) you are frustrated.

Scratching the back of your head indicates that you are in doubt or that you are doing a mental math.

Scratching on the side of your head means you are sad or upset.

Scratching the right part of their forehead shows the other person that you feel like you're wasting your time.

As for the left part of the forehead, this indicates that you are seeking to take refuge in your imagination.

You have fingers or your fist supporting your chin, this indicates that you are anxious if you hold your chin with your left hand. If you do it with your right hand, it shows that you are motivated.

If you scratch the right wing of your nose, it means that you do not understand where your interlocutor is going.

If you scratch the left wing, it indicates that you are wondering if you are going to win in the rally or not.

Finally, if you hide your hands on purpose, it indicates that you are uncomfortable and that you are hiding things.

Note that we hide our left hand when we are not inspired and our right hand when the person in front of us has power.

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