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How to stay gorgeous without makeup during Ramadan?

15 September 2021, Seytoo
How to stay gorgeous without makeup during Ramadan?

Fasting does not mean neglecting yourself!

It is rare to notice that a woman wears makeup during the month of Ramadan; it goes without saying that this is obvious because the reasons for this abstinence are linked to religious dimensions.

A question arises: What are the best ways to look beautiful without resorting to your daily mascara, lipstick and foundation, these usual gestures. Many women find their appearance poor, their faces pale, and their lips dry. Suddenly stopping makeup can be difficult for some.

And ideas arise: “It's Ramadan, I'll be ugly at work, and everyone will see the difference between my real ‘potential’ and the magic of makeup.”

Think again, ladies!

Without makeup, women can stay beautiful during the month of Ramadan, several tips are suitable to make the skin radiant, and your face will have a natural glow. To do this, think about daily cleansing with good quality products that adapt to your skin type.

Hydration and always hydration, it is in fact the keystone of the beauty of the epidermis and its purity. For healthy skin on a daily basis, permanent care is essential: masks, scrubs, peels, hair removal...

Professional beauticians advise to give special importance to the eyelashes and eyebrows. Since it is impossible to put on make-up during the holy month, to give sublime shapes to the eyelashes and especially to the eyebrows, it is important to maintain carefully the plucked, is an excellent method to beautify your features naturally.

The hair: through nourishing masks, detangles and other treatments, they will keep all their splendor, to give you a pleasant appearance: blow-dry or cut lovely cuts, this will distract attention from the absence of makeup.

Fasting does not mean neglecting yourself!
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