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Should pedophiles be castrated?

23 September 2021, Sociologue Rebelle
Should pedophiles be castrated?

Castration remains a way of salvation to slow the rise of repeat pedophile offenders who do not have any congenital pathology.

Gay lobbies will certainly oppose the scale of such a proposal and its adoption by countries. Not because all homosexuals are all pedophiles, but because of a strong presence of “elitist” pedophile groups with which these lobbies lead the fight for the recognition, by the “hetero States”, of the right to fully enjoy their rights to sexual inclination. Sexual assaults on minors have gained such a worrying scale that Russia is considering in a bill proposed to the Duma and unanimously adopted, the chemical castration of perpetrators of pedophilia.

The imprisonments with maximum sentences not having discouraged these voracious beings, the death penalty being a solution which would be decried by a waltz of the organizations of the rights, known as of man, the only sanction which seems “politically correct” is castration. Never a day goes by that the newspapers don't tell us about the sexual assault on children as young as nine, six or even three. Sometimes it is perverts enjoying all their mental faculties who engage in incestuous acts, or ambushed sexual cannibals who attack young girls without worrying about the serious psychological stigmata that their acts cause on their victims, if so where the latter survive.

But let’s not just stop at the need for castration or removal of the genitals, which is possible today thanks to medicine. What is our social, legal, but also political responsibility in the face of the extent of this sexual abuse?

The downstream sanctions must be preceded by a commitment from all actors to find solutions, perhaps of a dissuasive nature, but above all part of a “permanent structural project.” This will mobilize schools, families, the press, men of worship, political actors, justice and security agents, all trained in awareness techniques, in order to awaken, in all of them, cognitive and behavioral capacities leading to the acceptance and incarnation of values drawn from our culture, and, moreover, capable of defining socially compatible identities, but also of equipping each of us with a view to resistance to manic impulses, which can be natural. Do not believe that this is a challenge won in two days, but over time.

For the moment, castration remains a way of salvation to slow the rise of repeat pedophile offenders who do not have any congenital pathology. So beware of sex addicts. Soon you will be castrated without any mercy. Honor therefore to the first deputy who will introduce this bill to the national assembly of his country.
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