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What if I were a man?

14 September 2021, NFK
What if I were a man?

These men whom I spend my time bringing down, criticizing and demonizing, but whom I love above all, because I have so many friends without whom my life would be meaningless. What if I was like them?

I would probably not be there to interpret their every move, to cry scandal and to arouse everyone at the slightest of their blunders, to create 1000 and 1 groups to stand trial. But on the contrary, I will proclaim loud and clear that if I am a dandy and a heartbreaker, it is the girls' fault; and even that I bend over backwards to satisfy them, it is the reason of my wrongdoings, admittedly unforgivable, but necessary.

So, if I was born a boy, there are 10 aspects that would qualify me to show these "females" (excuse me) that they are just empty shells and that you really know who is in charge.

To begin with, I would put the cack on all these apprentice feminists that are NFK & CO, make them understand that they are nothing without us, that they can create 10,000 groups and others, they will never get what they want. I'll even give them something to talk about, they'll spend their lives trying to take me down, while I (shamelessly) keep going my way.

I'd be tall, strong, muscular just where I need to be and none of them could resist me.

I would shoot anything that moves, be an inveterate collector of nymphs of all kinds, and be the envy of all my friends

I would remove from the heads of all the girls that I would pick up nonsense such as virginity, purity and so on, by making them believe that they are the epitome of my existence and that I am even ready to pass them the ring on their finger (that's what they all do, right?)

I would be courteous, considerate, but not overly, because it is common knowledge that girls don't like guys who are too nice. They like bad boys, who put them through a lot of humiliation, but who will hang on to as if their lives depend on it.

My girlfriend, or rather the one to whom I would care the most among my countless girlfriends, should be ready to close her eyes to my pranks; anyway, she wouldn't have much choice, because every time she dared to fight back, I would threaten to leave her.

I would go out doing bamboula in all the upscale places and be proud as a rooster pulling my Visa card. I would pay everyone tours, just to get as many girls as possible to screw it up.

I would dress Casual chic and my favorite brands would be Weston, John Lobb, Guess and Police.

I would have my driveways all over town.

I’d be a dynamic young executive who’s always dressed to the nines, not only for my address book but also, because girls like men who have talk.

And you, what would you do?
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