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You can’t run away from death!

23 September 2021, Seytoo
You can’t run away from death!

“Wherever you are, death will get you…”

Death, especially when we are young, seldom occurs to us. Considering death as the end, humans avoid thinking about it. But just as the physical flight from death does not allow it to escape, so does the flight by thought. In addition, it is impossible to ignore death. Every day, the newspapers report several deaths, we frequently come across funeral processions on our way, we pass cemeteries, we lose friends and family members. The funerals of our loved ones or the condolences we offer to those who have lost loved ones remind us of death. As you witness the death of a loved one or just another person, you can't help but think about your own death. Such a thought can deeply disturb the affected person and make them restless.

No matter how strong a person is, no matter where they take refuge or the means by which they protect themselves, they can meet their death at any time. She has no choice. In front of her, there is no escape. The countdown never stops, even for a little while. Whichever direction man turns, death awaits him. The circle surrounds him in a constant way and always ends up reassuring.

“The death you are fleeing will certainly meet you. Then you will be brought back to the One who perfectly knows the invisible world and the visible world and who will then inform you of what you were doing.” “Wherever you are, death will reach you, were you in impregnable towers…”

For these reasons, we must stop cheating on ourselves or playing indifferent, and strive to earn God's satisfaction during this lifetime that he grants us. Whose term alone knows the term. The Prophet told us that one of the ways to guard against hardening of the heart and achieve godliness is to remember death often. “Your hearts are becoming rusty like iron touched by water. He was asked how to clean them.” He replied, “Often remembering death…”
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