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A trip to the bottom of a black hole

14 September 2021, Baye Diack
A trip to the bottom of a black hole

If we think about what is beyond space, we probably think that we have to go very far to find any border there.

In fact, it is not possible to cross the limits of our universe by always going further. There is a better chance of finding any border or passage to another kind of universe by diving into a black hole. However, the conditions in a black hole are so extreme that it will never become a popular tourist destination. Here's what would happen if you were unlucky enough to rub too close on even a small black hole.

Before arriving in the black hole itself, one must first reach what is called the black hole event horizon. It's just the area that defines whether you still have a chance to get home or not. Cross this limit and it is theoretically impossible to escape the attraction of the black hole. Even the light is trapped there. This is the zone of no return.

From a perspective outside of the reckless spacecraft, it would appear that its time slows down, that its mass increases, and that it contracts, as it approaches. This is what an outside observer would see with a telescope, for example. The kamikaze pilot of the ship would become as if completely still as it crossed the event horizon. Of course, inside the ship, the pilot would not be aware of anything, which is a little paradoxical. Unfortunately, no one has ever returned from a black hole to tell...

It is difficult to know then what will happen exactly because in this particular area of the universe different scientific theories such as relativity or quantum physics are supposed to meet and there nobody knows the solution. Today's science is capable of describing what is very large. She also has a theory to describe what is very small. Unfortunately, in the case of the black hole everything is mixed up, both the power of the black hole is gigantic and at the same time it occupies a tiny area. Suddenly, we no longer know which theory to apply. We still have to make progress to explain what matter is because it no longer makes sense.

However, there is one phenomenon that the pilot is sure to experience and that is extreme gravity near the black hole. Instead of being pulled towards the black hole with great force, the pilot will be completely torn because, hold on tight, his feet will be pulled harder than his head, for example. On Earth, when we stand, our feet are closer to the planet than our heads. In theory they should be attracted more, but the difference is minimal and imperceptible. Near a black hole, this is no longer the case at all because the powers at play are disproportionate. Your feet are going to be drawn much stronger and therefore be torn off.

Some people think that you cannot put matter in a black hole indefinitely or that it must necessarily come out somewhere, through a kind of white hole. Unfortunately, we have never seen one. If the black hole is much localized, it is not certain that the white hole is indeed a hole. It would be conceivable that energy would spill out from everywhere at the same time or why not at another time. Conclusion, you will be crushed in every way possible. To end on a note of humor, perhaps in a few millennia, parents will have to forbid their children to go and play near black holes ... It is no longer the wolf in the forest that it will be necessary to have feared.
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