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Development: Why does Africa need a strong and united army?


It’s just shameful to seat on a gold mine and dying of poverty. It is time that we rethink our way forward and start acting for Africa.

Updated on December 03, 2020, Jolof
Development: Why does Africa need a strong and united army?

Historical facts have shown that, if we need to develop our continent and benefit from our own natural resources, we (Africans) need a strong and united army to protect ourselves from the robbers. Here is why.

Africa is the richest country in terms of natural resources. It attracts all of the world “predators” that use all means necessary to divide and conquer, then to steal our natural resources. They installed their own armies in our soils in the guise of humanitarian aids or counter-terrorism fights. They put guns in the head of people we elected to the point that they have no other options but to serve the predators or to become martyrs along with their families.

The predators have brought us disease that we have never seen in Africa. In the guise of medical aids and with the help of their own “international organizations”, they tried to limit our population growth, they injected viruses to our bodies, all that for the same reasons: to keep their hands on our natural resources and keep robbing us for their own benefits.

They were able to do all that, because they have strong and united armies to rob Africa without fearing any consequences.

When an African person thinks about the interests of Africa and tries to work for Africans, they start first by turning that African against the African people. They use their media corporations to do the dirty work, the patriotic African ends up being seen as the devil to be eliminated since his/her “execution” has now been legitimized in the minds of ignorant people. Once the character assassination is done, they got the patriotic African assassinated, or they kill him.

The robbers are able to do that because there is no strong and united African army to protect the patriotic African. If we were to list examples of Africans killed for defending the interests of the African people, the list will be endless.

That is the reason why Africa needs a strong and united army in order to start developing its own resources. A strong and united army will:

- Help Africa protect its leaders who have sworn to preserve African interests. If they were confident that they won’t be killed for standing up for Africa’s interests first, they certainly would. Unfortunately, if a gun is pointed in your head and your family is “taken into hostage,” it takes a very strong courage and a willingness to be martyr in order to make the right decision – the one that benefits Africa. A strong Army would protect those leaders.

- A strong army would help Africa protect its natural resources. Have you ever wondered why we have so many armies in our soils in areas where the robbers’ own companies exploit Africa’s natural resources? Well they do that to protect the resources they are stealing from Africa against Africans. Shocking isn’t it? If Africa had a strong army, we would protect and control our own natural resources and we would be able to trade in fair prices and/or transform our own natural resources. Africans would then be able to benefit from their own natural resources.

- A strong army will protect Africa form anything. Did you know that most wars – if not all – occurring in Africa have actually been caused by foreigners? They sometimes directly attack a specific country for no reasons by hypocritically saying that they were there to fight terrorism. Or they use small groups of that country, pay them to protest against a leader they don’t want, and use the media for some propaganda. When they gain the sympathy of the ignorant people, they send their troops or pay some “terrorists” to destabilize the country. To appear as a savior, they intervene in that country’s internal affairs and get their own “token” (their leader) to make sure that he or she becomes that country’s leader. They’ve been doing that for years. A strong and united African army would eliminate the need for any foreign intervention. We would be able to protect our own citizens and manage our own internal affairs. We would even be able to fight back against those foreign aggressors.

There are multiple advantages Africa could benefit from having a strong and united army. Today, there are lots of countries that were able to improve the well-being of their people because they were able to build a strong army to protect themselves first. Once they got their strong army built, then they focused on working hard, improving governance and leadership and start growing. Because, their people can sleep better knowing that they will be protected no matter what, those countries put themselves in better positions for development.

If we want to grow like those countries, we need a strong army; we need to protect our natural resources. It’s just shameful to seat on a gold mine and dying of poverty. It is time that we rethink our way forward and start acting for Africa.

From the same contributor, Jolof

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