To fight against racism, we Black people need much more than protesting and complaining!

Updated on March 01, 2021, Jolof
To fight against racism, we Black people need much more than protesting and complaining!

Fellow Black people, if we want respect, we need go get it, instead of asking for it! The bottom line is that respect is earned, and money, success and wealth talk, period! Dear Black people, it’s time we focus on fighting for success and wealth rather than for equality and respect!

For years, we (Black Men and Women) have been fighting for racial equality, respect and dignity. Going through slavery and colonization and facing daily police brutality (in America), we are still facing racism on a daily basis. As a Black man, it sometimes hearts me to see images of my fellow brothers and sisters being unfairly treated in America, by people who were given the authority to protect citizens, all citizens, regardless of their color. And those images are just one side of the story, and I dare to say a very small excerpt of the daily racially motivated injustices a Black person face every day, around the World. Events in America are being filmed. Therefore they make it to news headlines and sometimes attract the world’s attention. The reality is that being Black comes with a very tough emotional tax that we pay for wherever we are in the world. Just search for the life and treatment of Black people in China, India, the Middle East, Brazil, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, etc. The results remain shocking. Being Black in those places limits your chances of success.

In India for example, Black people are seen as inferior, and children are taught to cherish fair skin at early ages. When you are Black in India, you are expected by default not to occupy certain positions. You are expected to be servant because that is what they see in you. You cannot marry someone with a fairer skin, because it is deeply against social norms, cast systems, etc. This type of racism is so deep to the point that people from India (and South Asia in general) bring their beliefs wherever they go around the world. There is no worse Indian racism towards Black people, and India is definitely not the only country where being Black is “a sin.”

There are tens of stories of honor killings on the web where parents kill their daughters for marrying Black men. There are tens of stories about Africans being attacked in India for just being Black, stories of Africans being refused services in China, such as rent, restaurants, etc., just for being Black. In other countries, being Black “gives people the right to call you derogatory names” tailored just for you (e.g.: “Drawi” in Morocco, “Nègre” in France, “Nigger” in America, “Hird” in Algeria, “Canibals” in India, etc.)

And despite all of the fight, violent and pacific, Black people are still facing unfair treatment and disrespect around the world. We are being extorted job opportunities because of our skin color, especially leadership positions. It’s hard, it’s unfair… but hey, it is life, and life is a jungle. So what can we do about it?

After observing what is happening around the world and having also experienced racism in different countries, I believe that it is important to keep the fight for justice going “by all means necessary,” like Malcolm X said. However, we also need to be smarter and rethink our strategy by learning from other communities who faced inequalities in the past. They were able to finally earn respect by focusing on defense, education, wealth and unity.

We have to defend ourselves, by all means necessary!

Let’s face it, the world is a jungle and life is not fair. If today, North Korea, Russia, China, etc. all feel safe with no aggressor daring to attack them, it is because they have the military forces necessary to retaliate against any potential aggressor.

When we talk about Black People, the first representation that comes to mind is people from Africa. The opinion people have about Africa is still tarnished with negative images nurtured by a mix of ignorance and truth. Unfortunately, “perception is reality.” And because of that perceived military weakness, and because of their military strength, some countries are still daring to put their military forces in our African soil, to influence our governments for one simple reason: defend their own interests, robbing Africans from their natural resources with guns on the heads of our “leaders.” As a result of the extortion, the defenseless Africa remains poor because the “robbers” took away African resources that could be used to develop our own nations.

To defend against the aggressor and earn respect, Africa needs a strong military defense to protect itself from the robbers. This can be achieved through various means that African leaders should think about. Why not cooperating with China, North Korea or Russia to get the military defense we need to protect ourselves? Why not a nuclear bomb? Why not get the education we need to build the military weapons we need?

Education does truly matter

Nothing can replace strong education. China, South Korea, Singapore etc. have all demonstrated the importance of good education. It leads to innovation, creativity, finding solutions in tough times... and also leading nations. Above all, good education can be transferred to our children and passed from a generation to another. If we want to earn respect, we must pay a strong attention to the education of ourselves and our children. Through education South Korea has become one of the most respected countries thanks to their level of education and for spreading their technology around the world (e.g.: Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, etc.). Education is important as it makes a population smarter and ready to solve any problem they may encounter. This reduces the likelihood of people making undesired choices in order to survive (e.g.: robbery, prostitution, drug trafficking, etc.). When people are better educated, they tend to find better solutions to overcome their challenges. Therefore, the best gift we can offer today to our Black children, in Africa, America, or elsewhere, is a good education, because can really create generational wealth.

We need to make wealth a strong priority!

The richest Black person in the World today is worth around 10.9 billion dollars (based on Forbes in 2019). His name is Aliko Dangote from Nigeria, Africa. Meanwhile, the richest person in the world was, in 2019, ten times richer Aliko Dangote. He is Jeff Bezos, and he was worth 115 billion dollars in 2019 and he is White. Between Bezos and Dangote, you have several other billionaires, mostly White men, some White women and other Asians, Indians, Middle Eastern etc.

However, regardless of their wealth, there is one common denominator: they are all focused on building wealth by investing and running businesses. None of them became rich by dedicating their lives working for others. They all took the risk necessary to run a business, investing or maybe inherit wealth from a parent or a husband who was investing or running a business.

The point I am making is that, if we want to become wealthy, we have to shift our mindset and focus on building wealth. This can be done by choosing to invest instead of spending, and choosing to build businesses instead of fighting to stay employed. I am not saying that we should resign from our jobs. However, if running a business is not your choice, choose to invest. Choose to build wealth not only for you, but for your children, just like other communities do.

Money matters, we all know that. Facts have shown that money and wealth give respect. If China has become one of the most respected countries in the world, it is due to their economic power. Throughout the world, Chinese people are known for owning businesses and that helps them to build wealth and remain independent.

To earn respect, we have to shift our minds and focus on creating wealth by spending less, investing more, building business and creating generational wealth. And this will even be easier if we decide to support each other and become strongly united.

Unity, our only and best option!

“Together, we go far!” What if we abided by this African proverb? What if we just do what other communities do?

Asians support Asians wherever they are in the world. If you go for example to a Chinese owned business, just look around. What do you see? Almost every single employee is Chinese, even in countries where employment laws forbid discrimination. If you go to a Chinese restaurant, most of the customers are Chinese. Additionally, the Chinese owned business earns money from non-Chinese customers, resulting in Chinese success.

Just go to a Pizza place run by an Indian people. Everyone from the cook to the delivery driver, they are all Indian. If you are Black trying to become a delivery driver, it is almost impossible and the Indian Manager will not hesitate to replace you by his Indian “brother.”

If you go to big companies, as you go up the ladder, you see less and less diversity, because White people support each other and help each other succeed. As a result, they succeed together and create generational wealth – that is one of the reasons why we are seeing such wealth gap between White and Black.

All of these examples are to say that unity matters. There is no way we will get out of this vicious cycle, fighting for equality and respect, if we do not support each other, if we do not empower each other.

Here are some very simple examples that we can all adopt now:

• When you want to buy something, go see the Black business near you, really. The money you are spending their will help the business, and who knows, maybe tomorrow, that business you are supporting can become the next Amazon. The bottom line is that business needs customers. And if Black people are not the first customers of Black businesses, who would? Starting today, please, never even think twice when it comes to supporting Black businesses.

• Africans, really, why are we importing goods that can be produced in our continent? Why are we buying foreign when we should help our African inventors, business people and companies? It is a duty for every single African, every single Black people to Black made and Black owned products and services to help our businesses grow.

• When it comes to education and employment, there are always smart Black people who were lucky enough to get great education and/or jobs. If you are of one of them, please, your Black brothers and sisters need you. Decide today to become a mentor and share your advice with them. A simple advice can change someone’s future. Being united is also about supporting each other by sharing our knowledge.

To conclude, I believe that we need more than protests and more then asking for equality, respect or freedom. What we need is to own it and act, because in a jungle such is life, tribes will always protect and care for themselves first. I am not saying that we should isolate ourselves or be unfair toward other communities. What I am saying is that we need to support each other buy being united. We need to earn our respect by empowering ourselves through education, wealth and if necessary, military defense. The fact is, if we do not, no one truly will.

If we need to be respected, we need to own our destiny, go get that respect instead of always asking for it!

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