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Racism against us, Black people: Let’s talk about solutions! Tell us your contribution. - SEYTOO.COM





Racism against us, Black people: Let’s talk about solutions! Tell us your contribution.


“Guilty until proven innocent”, “incompetent until proven competent”: Unfortunately, this is the kind of experience we often face wherever we are around the world. Now is the time to change the dynamic.

Updated on December 01, 2020, Jolof
Racism against us, Black people: Let’s talk about solutions! Tell us your contribution.

Regardless who you are and what your ethnicity is, you will always fail to control your actions if you can’t control your emotions. This applies to every single situation, at work, in policing or even in our random life events. Unfortunately, when we fail to control our emotions in situations involving weapons, it often turns deadly.

As part of nature, living creatures do often feel more “comfortable” associating themselves with creatures like them. This is called “homophily” and is often true for human beings. If you happen to live in a multicultural society, just observe around you. You will notice how easy it is for people who share the same ethnicity to get along, regardless countries of origin. The strong bond often remains race, followed potentially with gender, then maybe language, etc.

“Homophily” is a real and is also part of human nature. However, unlike animals, we (humans) we gifted with reasoning abilities that is supposed to help us control our natural instinct. Overtimes we’ve learned to get along with each other despite our differences. As humanity evolved and wit the globalization, things have improved, social norms have changed. Unfortunately, some areas of the world seem still to be behind. Some racial groups are still less accepted by others for various reasons, including, but not limited to, history, religion, cultural beliefs, politics, power, etc., all of which were created by human being.

Somehow, Black people (like me) have been the “unlucky” ones. Somehow, our natural characteristics do not do us favor in many cultures across the world. From China to India, Pakistan to the Middle East, Russia to the West, Brazil to Morocco, etc. we are still facing some types of prejudice we have no control over. No one chooses to be the human being he or she is. Nature has decided for us. But yet, even though things have been improving for a while, there are still ways to go… With our generation, I believe we will get there.

Although there have been several events where Black people have been killed by police when deadly forces could easily be avoided, I believe that improvements are being made. That does not mean that the fights have stop. They have to continue, whether it is in the field through protests or behind a computer, whether it is by supporting the right cause financially or by speaking up through our platform, we cannot stop fighting. No human being should continue to be treated differently for reasons he or she has no control over. No one should be eliminated for just being – i.e.: born with the color, shape and body that Nature has decided to assign to you.

But what can we all do, as Black people?

In my opinion, I do strongly believe in the power of supporting each other. With the current environment, we need to help each other, mostly from a financial perspective. Wherever you may be in the World, whether it is in Africa, North America, Europe, etc., help your Black brothers or sisters find a job, buy your Black brothers and sisters products so they can grow, mentor people in your community by sharing useful advice to help them succeed. It sounds simple to do, yet there are several of us who are not lending our hands to people from our own community. These are the times where we need support and empowerment from ourselves. If you have not done so yet, wherever you may be, find out Black people living in your area and help them. Together we can make a big difference.

Tell us how can you help. What would be your contribution?

From the same contributor, Jolof

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