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We don’t need to be protected, we must protect ourselves as Africans, Blacks...! - SEYTOO.COM



We don’t need to be protected, we must protect ourselves as Africans, Blacks...!


What predators and aggressors understand is fighting back, defense, war.

Updated on October 29, 2020, Jolof
We don’t need to be protected, we must protect ourselves as Africans, Blacks...!

Let’s be straightforward!

As a Black person, I am tired of hearing all the time my fellow Black men and women victimize themselves, whether it is in one of the most racist countries in the world (i.e.: United States of America) or in Africa. We keep expecting the other to protect us, to help us, to save us. Some of leaders (losers) even go to Europe to talk about African problems – what a shame! We keep focusing on what they are doing to us, we talk too much about us being victims that sometimes I wonder how we can show such weakness, such “victim mindset.”

Think about all of the racist police-involved murders of Black men that happened in the US. Did they stop after all these years?

Some of us did the right thing by fighting back, by using all means necessary of Malcolm X said. We fought back with the our amazing the refrain, “no justice, no peace.” We must keep that up!

The wrong thing I did not appreciate was some people complaining and acting like victims. Some of us even dare to beg for justice, when we are all aware of the institutional racism that is going for decades.

What we must all know is that people will step on us if we let them. It’s been proven over and over again that aggressors are like predators. If you show weakness they do not care, the do not respect you and your victimization will not stop them from attacking you.

What predators and aggressors understand is fighting back, defense, war. Let me give you some examples:

Despite everything Russia is accused of doing today, has any nation dare to attack them or even try to step in Russia? No, they did not. They understand that Russia is ready to fight back and will destroy any aggressor trying to attack them. Yet, how many African countries were directly or indirectly attacked by the aggressors?

North Koreans sleep at night without worrying for anything. Despite all the threats against North Korea, no country dared to attack them for exactly the same reasons as Russia. They are strong enough to defend themselves and destroy any country that dare to attack them. Yet, look at other Middle Eastern countries that were attacked, robbed for no valid reasons other than stealing their resources.

Have you ever wondered why and how Libya was destroyed so quickly when Libyans were rich enough to never want anything from any other country? Did you see what happened in Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Syria, Iraq, etc. All of those countries were attacked, robbed despite their pledge for peace. They never started war, instead they were more focused on defending the interests of their own people. Yet, the robbers and aggressors did not care, neither about killing civilians nor about destroying infrastructures. What mattered to them, was what they wanted, their own agenda.

The same aggression, robbing, and injustice apply in our day to day life as Black people and as Africans. It does not matter whether or not we act like victim. The robbers, aggressors, etc. will not stop from being assholes. For centuries Black people are being killed in the US and other places. We are being treated unfairly for years and years, whether at work, home, the street, in our lands, etc.

And acting like a victim will not end it. Calling for justice will not end it. It is up to us to defend ourselves and end it. We need to act and learn from the few African countries who got rid of their aggressors (Botswana, Angola, Rwanda, etc.).

So, wherever you may be around the world, stop acting like a victim, stop kissing other people’s shoes and stand up your ground. We must help each other as Blacks and Africans; we must be united and defend ourselves wherever we may be in the world!

Let’s end acting like victim!

From the same contributor, Jolof

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