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When laxity becomes a norm in Senegal

23 September 2021, Rabia Diallo
When laxity becomes a norm in Senegal

Isn't it time we did a mea culpa, stop accusing the state for a yes or a no and accept our weaknesses and our faults too

Walk on our beautiful shores, so beautiful, green, breathtaking view of the beautiful ocean, stunning sunset, from afar, the monument of the renaissance in its entire splendor. Such a beautiful painting, and on the left, as if to break the atmosphere, “unruly” walls tagged: “lingstar” here, “lingstar” there! You can only see him everywhere, in all of Dakar, who is this “lingstar?” And as if that were not enough, the pro-politicians are adding to it with slogans as committed as each other. But really! Where are we? Why can't we have a clean city? Worthy of the name (Dakar)? Everywhere, on all the beautiful sites created, the bridges, the new roads, the imprint of Senegalese laxity is there and remains indelible.

Isn't it time we did a mea culpa, stop accusing the state for a yes or a no and accept our weaknesses and our faults too? Put this historic quote into practice: don't ask what the country can do for us, but rather, what WE can do for the country. How can one have the heart to make ugly what the responsible authorities are trying to embellish? Are we not aware that it is our taxpayer's money that is used for the whole community? Are we not aware that we are precisely in community in that we must always think in "WE" and not in "ME"? But no, the Senegalese have the annoying habit of thinking only of HIM, in everything he does. I have a baptism, a wedding, a thiant, a “gannalè” (big visit) or a death, I allow myself to block the road and no one will be able to pass. They just have to fend for themselves, shop around, I don’t care. People won't sleep, that's not my problem, sick people and babies won't rest, I don’t care! In the name of what?

Have we come to forget the famous notion of “AKH?” That is, the harm that one can cause to his neighbor? In traffic, it's every man for himself, God for everyone. We manage as best we can, no one respects priorities, no one is rigorous, no one thinks of the interests of the community. No, I'm in a hurry, more in a hurry than everyone else, I have to go through it all. This is how the bus attacks you from the right, the truck from the left, and the taxi which seems to have “mastered” the famous “time is money” brakes without warning and tells you that you must respect the regulatory distance while “all he had to do was see a semblance of a sign of a potential customer, which he branched off to the right without even blinking, so suddenly that you lose your breath.

Ofonime Michael


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