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Negotiation, how to get what you want?

14 September 2021, Diarra Diop
Negotiation, how to get what you want?

You are about to negotiate something, whether it be in the professional or academic field. There are some very interesting techniques that will get you what you want. Here's how to negotiate effectively.

The first step is quite embarrassing because it involves acting with certain indifference. I explain. When you are in front of your interlocutor especially the first person in charge, avoid being too enthusiastic, too excited. Don't show that you really need to get something from this person. If you react badly to their suggestions at first, they will try to improve it. However, there is no question of overdoing it otherwise you will show contempt for your interlocutor.

It's good to show people you're not the boss. This will allow you not to make concessions too quickly or make hasty decisions that may backfire on you. One more thing, show them that you can't understand them, ask for explanations all the time: you will notice that they will try to explain to you, to give you more argument. In the end, they will end up making concessions because they fear their proposals will not be reliable enough.

Know how to act at the right time. In a negotiation, most of the concessions come at the end, which is completely normal. In this perspective, give them what they want in the first part of the negotiations and save your most important demands until the end. They will accept them easily since you did the same for them in the beginning. Also note that in the first part of the negotiations, only 30% of the concessions are made, the rest is at the end. So you have every chance to get what you want.
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