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What are the best remedies for a stuffy nose?

14 September 2021, Seytoo
What are the best remedies for a stuffy nose?

The problem of stuffy nose is common and its causes are varied. Usually the nose runs between two and eight days depending on the cause. Several factors have an impact on a blocked nose: Climate change, inhalation of chemicals, allergic problems, and architectural causes such as fractures, rhinoplasties or constitutional abnormalities. The sensation is very unpleasant; the person sleeps less well, fatigue sets in.

Some remedies

Aromatherapy gives good results in this area. Seek the advice of a specialist.

Washing the nose with sea water or physiological serum is recommended as long as it is gentle and non-aggressive.

Eucalyptus essence has decongestant power just like chamomile. According to your tastes, pour a few drops into a handkerchief and breathe often inside the handkerchief.

You can also pour a few drops into a bowl of simmering water that you will leave in the living room during the day and in the bedroom at night.

Making water vapor in the bathroom will give you a feeling of well-being by breathing more easily: this will dilate the ducts of your nose and will give you relief.


Drug treatments prescribed by a doctor will be anti-inflammatory treatments, based on corticosteroids to reduce this inflammation.

In the event of a blocked nose and in the event of suspected allergies, an allergic assessment will be considered and treatment based on antihistamines will be administered.
Depending on the cause, surgery may be offered if it is an obstruction or deformity.

Finally, some painkillers will effectively relieve your condition in two or three days.

You should know!

In case of aggravation or complications, it will be necessary to consult an ENT: otolaryngologist, specialist in the nose, throat, and ear sphere who can explore the pathology and make a diagnosis.

When you have a stuffy nose, avoid inhalers or drops which will further irritate the lining and which can have serious side effects.

Always blow your nose on disposable tissues and remember to wash your hands.
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