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Why should you be careful in front of the computer?

Updated on February 27, 2021, Seytoo
Why should you be careful in front of the computer?

What are the good postures in front of a computer to avoid back pain?

Adopting an ideal posture is essential for everyone who works with a computer. These positions not only prevent certain ailments such as back pain, fight against them and considerably reduce the risks.

Factors causing back pain

Some of the causes of this pain include poor posture while working on a computer and prolonged use of various accessories such as a mouse and a keyboard. These positions taken during exercise when they are not suitable can cause pain in the back as well as in the lower back, hand, arm, shoulder and many other parts of the body.

Recommended positions in front of a computer

Certain postures and arrangements reduce the risk of back pain while using a computer. However, great emphasis is placed on comfort in the sitting position. Thus, we must:

- use an adjustable chair which will adjust the seat taking into account the height of the desk

- sit at the back of the chair to allow good freedom of movement between the accessories

- have the thighs on the chair, feet flat on the ground or hold them with a footrest, thus maintaining the straightness of the back which at the same time is favorable to good blood circulation

- put the keyboard and the mouse at the same height

- position the computer screen in front of you so that it is neither too low nor too low.

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